Residential Property Management

We offer advice to assist you in achieving your property’s maximum rental potential.

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Inspirah Property Management Ltd. offers the following services:

Leasing your property
Inspirah is innovative and committed to seeking out quality tenants for your property. Some of the resources utilized are:

  • Individual contact with Real Estate professionals and Relocation Specialists
  • 24-hour Emergency Service - Inspirah Property Management Ltd. emergency pager service ensures that Inspirah staff are available seven days a week to show your property to prospective tenants 
  • Regular listings on the University of Guelph off-campus housing department
  • World Wide Web Site and instant on-line communication 

Inspirah Property Management Ltd.'s experienced professionals are skilled at matching prospective tenants to your rental property. Our services include: 

  • Thorough applicant screening
  • Instant credit checks through a nation-wide credit bureau service 
  • Personalized interviews with prospective tenants 
  • A comprehensive review of references and previous rental and employment history
  • On-going property maintenance; thereby ensuring that your property always maximizes its potential and attracts quality tenants who take pride in maintaining their rented homes as if they were their own 
  • ease negotiation and signing on behalf of owner.

 Rent Collection and Owner Deposit Services

  • Inspirah Property Management Ltd. has a computerized property management financial system and a proven record of accomplishment of on-time rent collection.
  • Immediate follow-up with any tenants on late rent payments and returned cheques
  • Payment of condominium fees if applicable, maintenance bills, management fees, and any other expenses requested by property owners
  • Deposit to owner's account, in a local bank, the balance of monthly rent enabling easy owner payment of their mortgage, insurance, and municipal tax installments 
  • Provide owners, via email, with a quarterly computerized financial statement of rent collected, expenses paid, and deposits made to owner’s account

Annual Financial Statement Services
As an optional extra service, available on request, provide the client with annual financial statement for income tax purposes prepared by an accredited chartered accounting firm.Maintenance and Emergency ServicesInspirah Property Management Ltd. prides itself on taking care of your property in the best possible manner.
  • 24-hour service - We are there in times of emergencies to minimize the problem 
  • Provide advice on improvements to maximize your property's rent-earning potential
  • Supervise all repairs and improvements 
  • Initiate and follow-through on any insurance claims for damage 
  • Move-in and move-out inspections, as well as tenant unit acceptance forms 
  • Periodic inspection of properties

Tenant and Owner Communication
Inspirah Property Management Ltd.'s goal is to keep you and your tenants informed regarding all matters related to your property.


Inspirah Property Management's Managers are available 7 days a week to answer any questions regarding your rental property.  Our goal is to keep you as informed as needed using any medium.  Our Managers are available by phone, email or regular mail to help keep you informed.

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